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Welcome to CoursePackets.NET

     Welcome to CoursePackets.net! This website is the result of over twenty-five years of experience working with instructors to create custom course materials. We have been working in the Central Ohio area since the mid 1980's offering our services at The Ohio State University and neighboring schools. During this period, we have assisted countless instructors who are looking for course materials that meet their teaching needs and are convenient and inexpensive for their students. One of the things we have learned is that simplicity is a primary objective of instructors when creating course materials. With that in mind, we have created the CoursePackets.net website to simplify the process of creating custom course packets and to allow instructors to take advantage of this easy, efficient way of obtaining truly custom course materials.

     You may explore our website and use the automated ordering system, or simply call us at 1-866-880-5373 and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be pleased to take the order for your course packet by phone.

     The CoursePackets.net website offers complete and concise information about what a course packet is and how to create one. It also offers a system for automated online order placement. This system lets the instructor submit order information, upload files, request information, order UPS pickups, or request a visit from a representative if you are in the Ohio area. At any time, an instructor can speak directly with a representative using our toll-free telephone number. The instructor can also use our Request Information page to ask questions and obtain more information about our services.

     Once the instructor has completed the CoursePackets.net three-step process, we take care of the rest. (Visit our How To page for more information on how to create a Course Packet with CoursePackets.net.)
  • We digitally clean and paginate all materials and create a table of contents and cover for the packet.
  • We contact your local bookstore/institution where the materials are to be sold and obtain a purchase order.
  • Once we have received the purchase order, the appropriate number of course packets are printed and bound; the student course packets are then sent to the bookstore or institution and the desk copies to the instructor.
The process is simple, taking one to two weeks, or less when necessary, and the result is affordable, customized course material that benefits both students and instructors.

     We invite you to explore our website and consider the advantages that a custom course packet can provide for you and your students. Our What Is A Course Packet page will answer many questions that you may have about Course Packets and their advantages. If you would like, you may contact us directly through our toll free phone number or our Request Information page. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, and we look forward to working with you!