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What Is a Course Packet?

     A course packet can be many different things, from a small collection of material that supplements a textbook to a full-length anthology of readings that provides all the material that will be taught in a course. A simple definition is that a course packet is a compilation of materials from various sources that can be used to teach students in an inexpensive manner and follows the curriculum that the instructor has personally designed. These sources might include portions of books, articles, cases, poetry, the instructor's original works, images, video clips, sound files, and more. A course packet is a versatile tool that lets the instructor create a custom set of materials according to his or her preferences. While a course packet is normally thought of as printed and bound material, it can also take the form of a CD-Rom if that is more conducive to your course and the type of material you are using.

Why should you create a course packet with CoursePackets.net?
  • A course packet will save your students money compared to the cost of high priced textbooks. More

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  • The cost of a course packet with CoursePackets.net is less per page than the cost for a student to print out the same material from a website or an online education system such as Blackboard or WebCT. More

  • An instructor can save the time that he or she spends printing materials for handouts and can save the department the cost of printing these handouts. More

  • CoursePackets.net and its parent company Zip Publishing have been in the business of creating course packets for over twenty years. More

  • The CoursePackets.net website offers versatility to the instructor. More

  • CoursePackets.net can work with any instructor at any school! More