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How To Create a Course Packet

     Creating a course packet with CoursePackets.net involves a simple three step process that we have detailed below. You may call at any time 1-866-880-5373 to place an order or for more information. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to help you.

Step 1: Assemble your materials and prepare a bibliography listing the order in which you would like to have the materials printed. An electronic form of the bibliography may be sent through the Request Information page to allow CoursePackets.net to begin copyright permission research and prepare a price quote for your packet. Materials may be in the form of originals, copies of originals, previous packets or electronic media. To send hard copies of material, you may request that we send arrange for a UPS pickup through the Request Information page. Electronic media files may be uploaded through CoursePackets.net.

Step 2: Fill out the form on the Place an Order: Step 2 page or fill out the hard copy of that form which will accompany all pre-paid mailers. The order form in Step 2 allows you to specify such items as Contact Information, Course Details, Materials Preferences, Royalties Preferences and Miscellaneous Information. On each line of the electronic form, you may pass your cursor over the red question mark for information as to the meaning of each line. Please enter all relevant contact information and details regarding the course for which your packet is being created. Missing information may slow the process.

There are a number of concepts listed under Material Preferences that will be explained here.
  • Printed or Electronic Course Packet. More
  • Single Sided or Double Sided Printing. More
  • Pagination and Table of Contents. More
  • Binding. More
  • Cover. More
  • Desk Copies. More

In the Royalties section of the order form, you may choose whether or not to receive royalties for the materials that are sold for your classes. You may receive royalties even if you are not the author of the materials in your course packet. Many instructors request royalties for the work they have invested into the packet or for special needs or projects for their class or department.

In the Miscellaneous section you may request a price quote from CoursePackets.net before we proceed with the project. This might require that you upload your Bibliography and/or materials for the packet. Should you have electronic files to be included in the packet, it is suggested that you upload them at this time. Please include your last name in the title of each file. In this area you may also request a UPS pickup for your hard copy originals. You may also call CoursePackets.net at 1-866-880-5373 at any time to place an order or to ask a question.

Step 3: As a final step, please contact your bookstore to request that they "adopt" the CoursePackets.net materials. This will enable the bookstore to prepare a purchase order prior to being contacted by CoursePackets.net. Within two to three weeks, or less when necessary, you will receive your desk copies at the mailing address you provided, and the student packets will be placed at the bookstore. Alternatively, your department or organization may wish to purchase the materials directly from us and resell them to the students. In this case, the individual in charge of purchasing would complete the necessary paperwork, and the materials would be shipped to the department or organization instead of to the bookstore.