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Out of Print Book Reproduction

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What is an Out of Print Book?
     After a period of time, publishers will stop printing and inventorying many of their offerings. They either still retain ownership of copyrights or they release ownership back to the authors. In either case, the book is no longer in print and is unavailable to bookstores. As an instructor, you may want to use such a book for your course(s) but cannot do so due to the lack of availability to the bookstore.

What can CoursePackets.net do?
     Over the years, CoursePackets.Net/Zip Publishing has established relationships with many publishers. We have become quite accomplished at obtaining permission to reprint Out of Print books from publishers and authors alike. We can obtain permission and reproduce Out of Print books in most cases exactly as they were originally printed. An instructor can choose to have entire books reproduced or portions of books. The process usually takes only a few weeks and in many cases, the re-print costs less than the original books itself.

Get the process started
     If you would like CoursePackets.net to research and re-print an Out of Print book for your course or for any purpose, send the bibliographic information, your contact information and re-print purpose(course information, number of students...) to info@coursepackets.net. We will research your project and contact you in less than two weeks. To proceed with the project CoursePackets.net will require a good copy of the book in question.

     Publishers interested in putting their out-of-print books back into print, we can help! Our print on demand reprint service is a great way to revive your dormant books and to renew the revenue stream for out-of-print books. We will place your books in our Educational Publisher Bookstore, produce books for your inventory and fulfill orders that you receive. And there is no charge to the publisher. For more information, visit our Out-Of-Print books page at the Educational Publisher website.
     Authors that would like to have their books republished, The Educational Publisher can help. If your publisher has stopped printing your books, we can put them back into print and make them available to the public.

If you would like to use the CoursePackets.net permission form choose the following link *Printable Permissions Request Form or you can use the online CoursePackets.net Request Form at RequestInfo.html.

(Note: If you would like to speak to a representative at any time to place an order or for more information, call 1-866-880-5373, 1-614-485-0721)